Zero Waste

Written by: Julie

Zero Waste is one of those titles that doesn’t REALLY mean what it says.

Zero Waste (in my opinion) cannot exist as a living human being. We use things. Using things (most of the time) creates some sort of bi-product. If you have ever bought something, I can almost guaranty there was waste created at some point.  That being said, we call our technique “Low Waste”. But that title doesn’t sound as dramatic so we kept it “Zero Waste”.

Calling myself a Zero Waster didn’t just happen over night. It took many little changes to produce noticeably less waste. Once we started using up products we had, l found other options that have less packaging. Making slow and small changes was easier to swallow. We changed our habits one by one and it is always a work in progress.

So far the longest we have gone without emptying our trash is 3 months, we have done that twice! YAY  Most of the time it is 6 weeks to 2 months. We do recycle but are very conscious of ALL packaging and disposable items.

It is funny when I tell people we are “Zero Wasters”.  They either have no idea what I’m talking about or they think I’m lying that my family of 4 doesn’t empty the trash for 3 months. If you are curious about the choices we make and the things we do to call ourselves “Zero Wasters”, I’m about to spill the beans!


photo: 3 months of our trash and recycling!

Written by: Christa

To be 100% honest, this is where I struggle the most.

True Story:

Julie’s eldest came to our home on trash day and asked if that was ALL of our trash.  Yes, I am sorry to say it was and continues to be our struggle.  In all fairness, it was a larger trash day for us due to company and the holidays but still… awful.

I do make small changes where I can but, I believe, it really takes both people being on board to make the biggest impact.

I am hoping this will help us with accountability as well as show some sort of personal growth for myself and family.  Cross your fingers for me!