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Traveling with Tiny Humans: The Series

Let me tell ya something, I love love luuvvrrree traveling! To me, there is something so freeing about the ability to just pick up and go somewhere, anywhere and write a new chapter for yourself.

Through my younger years, my 20’s and even into the present, I did/do a fair bit of traveling in my life.  I would not call myself a world traveller just yet but I do consider myself a fairly-seasoned traveller.  Little did I know how the definition of traveling would change for me after marrying my husband and introducing tiny humans (AKA kids) to the experience.

Love Park: Philadelphia
How did it change you may ask?

Traveling with tiny humans has been the most challenging, wonderful, eye-opening, extremely satisfying, and at times very frustrating experiences of my life.  Each time I take them somewhere new, each journey we make as a family, and each adventure we set out on presents its own interesting changes.  It is never the same and is probably due to the fact that they change in age, needs, whims of emotion… you name it. My goal for my kids (not saying it’s for everyone), is to show them more than what surrounds them in one place at one time.

Military = traveling inside of traveling

This military life we live allows us the ability to take them on adventures in new places quite frequently. It gives us this HUGE opportunity to expand them culturally, economically, environmentally, and so much more.  To be able to see what everyone else does, how they live, and how they experience life will hopefully open them up to being more aware, compassionate, and well-rounded people.

Not only do we get to travel because we move but we also get to explore all of the new cities inside of our new area.  We get to travel inside of our traveling.  It is fantastic!

All that being said, I want to take you on my adventures too! What better way to experience life than to share it with fellow people so without further ado I present you with….

The Tiny Human Travel Series!

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