Total Dear Diary Moment Here…

Hello Friends, it’s been awhile!

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Do you ever have those days and/or weeks that just seem so crammed with stuff you don’t know where the time has gone?  Just me?

My life tries to stay organized by three different calendars; phone, planner, and dry erase to keep me straight but sometimes…. not even the calendars can keep up.

Lemme break down my absence and the reason for my diary entry!

Over here in ChristaLand we have been ramping up on our preparation for summer in every single way possible!

For my kiddos:

  • We are working on registering for summer programs like kids bowl freeRegal’s $1 movies for the summer, and free blue star museums for military kids!
  • Not to mention Booster Club at school has been in full force.  Have you ever been a Booster for a child’s school? It is no-joke and seriously should be considered a full time job; we have things like Teacher Appreciation Week, End of the Year Fundraisers, Field Days and so on to finish up by next month! 
    • In all seriousness, if you have an opportunity to join a PTA or Booster do it! You won’t regret being a part of or making it something great.

For me personally:

  • Spring semester ended then I had roughly two weeks off until summer session began (almost done y’all)!
  • Julie and I also volunteer for our local emergency management office so ’tis the season for expos, shows, and more to bring awareness to the community.
  • I began a 30 Day Slimdown to reset my body after baby numero dos and I couldn’t be more ecstatic with my results thus far!
  • Julie and I are headed to Salt Lake City soon so we are planning all the IG stories!! Shout out to our final trip anywhere together and that it’s a moms trip at that!
  • As for my volunteering its been meetings, and trainings, and teleconferences… OH MY!

Our Family:

  • We are selling our home! Ahhhh what the what is going on?? This is our very first time buying and selling a home so I am sure we will have plenty to talk about after everything is said and done.
  • We are preparing for a two week vacation across the country to visit my husband’s hometown and family.
  • The majority of my family will be headed out our way for a wedding so we will have a solid week of time with them!

This summer has a lot in store for us and we couldn’t be more excited.  Although the summer will be filled with love, laughter, travel and fun we will also experience a twinge of sadness.

As you may or may not know PCS season is upon us and we will be saying goodbye to people we dearly love…. Mainly my friend/co-author/travel buddy here and her beautiful family.  This one will sting a little more than most.  (I suppose the busy-ness keeps me from the reality that this part of our journey together comes with a period at the end.)  

The thing I will miss the most is the fact that…

True story @ katrina  ...We are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who dont get to listen to our conversations and enjoy our hilariousness.
I mean… I think we are pretty funny!


Until Next Time,


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  1. Julie will miss you a lot too Christa! Hope the selling of your house goes well. It was last year we were out there visiting at this time and had a cook out at your cute house. You shouldn’t have any trouble selling it. Have a great summer, it sounds like you have a lot planned.

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