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Written by: Julie

We dove into the toxic chemical issue and quickly found out about personal care products, house hold cleaners and medications.  Not only are the toxins in most of those products bad for humans and animals but they can also be harmful to the environment.  

First we weeded out the horrible stuff like my face wash with micro beads.   I read and article that said dentists were finding micro beads embedded in peoples gums and stuck in between teeth because the beads were in some toothpastes! dental-microbeadsGROSS! They are also unsafe for our waterways and marine life, similar to micro-fibers.  I raided our bathrooms for product to read labels and I had no idea what most of the ingredients were.  I hadn’t ever thought that companies would make products with ingredients that could potential cause:

  • skin allergies, irritations and tumors
  • reproductive disorders
  • early puberty
  • infertility
  • hormone disruption
  • birth defects 
  • toxicity, disorders, damage and even cancer to the liver and kidneys
  • breast cancer
  • respiratory damage  
  • cellular damage
  • reduced immunity
  • learning disabilities
  • ear infections
  • headaches
  • joint pain and depression


To name a few.  So basically every problem I have ever had I could possibly blame it on some unknown toxic chemical I have been slathering all over my body for the last 20 years.  But, it’s fine, right?  It’s only a little bit.  I realized “a little bit” in everything I use on my body, eat, drink, touch and breath adds up to A LOT, day in and day out for years.  No wonder we are all starting to get sick and have issues.  The hard part is to pin point where and what is causing issues because our systems are getting bombarded with so many toxins from every direction for long periods of time.  It turns out those companies using harmful ingredient don’t care about my health, they only care about my money. 

I decided to start making some of our own personal care products because I know exactly what I am putting on my body and washing off into our environment.  I started by making toothpaste.  I scoured the internet for recipes and Young Living Essential Oils kept coming up.  

At the same time we were struggling with personal care products we were scrambling to get prepared.  My husband found a book called, “The Survival Medicine Handbook” by: Joseph Alton M.D. and Amy Alton A.R.M.P.  This book changed our lives forever!  It is amazing for a book to show up in my life exactly when I needed it most.  I don’t believe it was a mere coincidence.  This showed me that you don’t know who, what, when, where, why or how things will happen in your life.  And that it is so important to be vigilant and keep an open mind and heart.


One chapter of the book mentioned essential oils.  I thought they were used as fragrance for soap and candles.  Little did I know how many other beneficial uses they have to keep us well and help with aliments we come across.  After reading about how essential oils would be a good fit for a preparedness kit, I was ready to jump in and get oily!  As I placed my new oils in our preparedness kit I thought, this is too pretty not to open.  When I did, I realized this was a HUGE step in the direction we wanted our lives to turn and would greatly expand our options for wellness and personal care products.  So I went to work trying out my new pretty essential oils on anything and everything I possible could. 

For the past 3 1/2 years we have been using Young Living Essential Oils.  I have found that they have extremely high quality and are an amazing company with integrity I can only dream about!  Not only do they have essential oils but they have oil infused products like supplements, personal care, makeup and cleaning products!  I am always skeptical of large companies but Young Living has proven themselves over and over again!   


thievesWe also use YL products if I can’t (or don’t have time to) make it myself.  We have replaced ALL of our toxic cleaners with “Thieves Household Cleaner”.  It smells much better than vinegar and we use it from mirrors to floor cleaner and everything in-between.  I save money not buying a different cleaner for everything and space because I have only a couple of spray bottles of Thieves cleaner around.  Just by switching to this product we have cut out numerous toxic chemicals from our household.  

Sticking to our routine remedies and eating as healthy as we can keeps us above the wellness line, therefore we rarely need to take medication and don’t spend much time in the doctors office.  I stock pile our “go to” essential oils that help keep us healthy and the ingredients I use to make our personal care products for our preparedness kits.  Incase of an emergency I have those ingredients and essential oils on hand and will be able to make lots of personal care products to use and to barter when we can’t run to the store or to the doctors.   

Incase this post has inspired you to kick toxic chemicals out of your life or use essential oils as part of your preparedness plan, both Christa and I are independent distributors for Young Living.  We would love to help build your knowledge and your stash of essential oils.   

Julie’s link to Young Living

Christa’s link to Young Living



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One thought on “The Switch to Wellness

  1. Because of Julie discovering essential oils I have been using them too. I use the Thieves cleaner and make a lot of my own, like window cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, mouth wash and face cream just to mention a few. The oils can seem a little pricey but once I made the switch I don’t buy any other cleaners, mouth washes etc. It simplifies things and also makes a lot less trash going in and out of my house.
    Thank you Julie!
    Signed, Her Mom

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