The Curious Case of the Serial Purger

This blog post was originally intended to tell the story of our microwave free household (which you can read about in my next post), interesting right?  However, as I began to stew on the origins of my decision, a larger theme seemed to present itself.  Minimalism and how I am a constant purger of stuff and things.

Minimalism, in my opinion, is defined differently by everyone.  In my case, it is used in search of a particular feeling…freedom.  I have not always been in a “minimalistic” mindset, in fact, in my late teens to early twenties I was embarrassingly the opposite.

Now, I would be completely content living in a small cottage with floor pillows and the bare minimum to dress, feed, clean, etc. ourselves.  Unfortunately, this does not sit well with my husband because he is the complete opposite of me (no joke, I am an ENFP and he is an ISTJ).  You can read more about us in a future post “When Purger meets Hoarder: A Love Story.”

Anyways, I digress. We can go more into minimalism later.

Let me tell you about my serial purging.  Clutter is my arch nemesis and yet it always finds a way in.  Too much stuff, whether organized or not, makes me feel claustrophobic and, to tell you the truth, makes me unable to think clearly.

Just me?

In order to fight the good fight I use a simple system. Clarification, super simple. These are my basics:
  1. If I haven’t used/worn/looked at it in a year then guess what?  BYE BYE!
  2. If I pick it up and it doesn’t make me feel something positive…. BYE
  3. If it serves no purpose, like literally serves no purpose (example: husbands race bibs = no purpose after race has been run) then…. BYE.

Here is where the curious case comes in.  How do we (as in our family) accrue stuff if I am a minimalist by nature now?

The answer… I have two littles, a husband, and I am not perfect. I have moments where I get sucked into all the nonsense and all of the stuff. The ever-reaching arms of MORE.

Usually when this happens it is a huge RED FLAG to me that I am internally slipping.  My juju is off. I am an energy worker by universal design and when I am not in line with who I am then I am usually more susceptible to things that may not really make me happy (just gives me a fleeting sense of happiness).

I am serial purging because I am always adjusting; falling off and on track at times. To me, this is the best part because it shows me I am learning. I am growing and redefining what freedom looks like to me based on how life presents itself.

How do you fight the clutter or the ever reaching arms of more? Do you purge constantly? I would love to know!

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2 thoughts on “The Curious Case of the Serial Purger

  1. Very interesting outlook on life and the perils of clutter! So tough with Children and family. One thing clutter is much more than stuff or material things. its a mind set and we have more clutter in our subconscious than anywhere else.
    Clear that up and everything becomes much more clear. Thanks for making me think again. Seems like I need to clear the clutter! Awesome article. really enjoy these blogs!

  2. Love it! I am guilty of the clutter. I try hard to not have it, but it seems like the clutter I “take care of” ends up in a cupboard some where…… I do keep everything on the chopping block and try not to look at only my husbands stuff and say, “WE DON’T NEED THAT”. I have learned a lesson recently about this. I don’t want my stuff to represent who I am as a person. Even if it’s cool stuff. I don’t want to keep something simply because at one point I acquired it somehow. I deal with this buy having a constant GOODWILL box and possible craigslist item list. It is so interesting how everyone deals with this differently. Thanks for posting this!

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