Road Trip PACT:

Written by Julie: 

We are going on a ROAD TRIP! 

That’s right, a kid free, no husband, no dog, care free road trip!  It is not often that SAHMer’s (Stay at Home Moms) get to go anywhere without having to be responsible for other humans besides themselves.  We couldn’t be more excited so we’re making a pact to do this right by implementing all the things we do for our blog the best we can.  In order to hold ourselves accountable for these big plans I thought I would tell the world about them.  I also want to tell the world how amazing our husbands are.  And how truly grateful we are for them to give us the opportunity to go on this trip together. 

Here is our PACT:

  1. Safety first; We are driving my “Battle Van” aka mini van, so I am getting her a check up.  New tires, new oil and whatever else those fantastic car people do to keep my vehicle running and safe.
  2. Clean and organize my van;  If you know kids, you know how messy vehicles can get in just one high speed turn.  I can’t have Christa exposed to any toxic toddler matter that may or may not be in there.  Dreading this task but if we have to emergency sleep in it, it needs to be clean and organized! 
  3. Preparedness; As you may have guessed from past posts, we are “preppers” and being a “prepper” is pretty serious business.  It’s a lifestyle just like all the other things we do.  We will be packing my “battle van” up with all the preparedness stuff we think we may need incase of breakdowns, zombie apocalypse etc.  

    adult battle controlled danger
    you never know
  4. Zero Waste; I’m pretty comfortable in this area but Christa says she is not.  We (as in I’m making her) are going to try to be as zero waste as possible.  We are going to keep ALL the trash and recycling we produce from start to finish.  I am a bit afraid she is going to get annoyed with me in this subject……

     avoid this from happening
  5. Eating Healthy; Christa has been doing a cleanse type diet, it has been going great.  I eat pretty heathy usually too but we all know going on a road trip or vacation means eating out and lots of snacks.  So we are going to try to stick to her diets plans basically being gluten, refined sugar, soy, and dairy free, from what I understand.  This is also good for our zero waste because eating healthy generally has less waste.                                                                                                                                            abundance agriculture bananas batch
  6. Fitness; Spending 12 hours in a car can get a little stiff.  Every time we stop we are going to do some sort of fitness activity.  Yoga pants here we come! 

 Well, I think that is all of our plans. LOL

 Stay tuned on Facebook and Instagram to see how things go.  

See you soon! 



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