Written by: Julie

To me, preparedness means:

  • To be aware of my surroundings.
  • To be able to overcome unexpected challenges.
  • Survive, thrive and help others along the way.

My husband and I have turned preparedness into part of our lifestyle.  We understand that we will never be 100% ready for everything.

Having a plan and gear in my car makes me feel more capable.  With extra food, water and medical supplies at home, this is now part of our made up personal insurance plan.

Written by: Christa

Currently, being prepared looks a little different for my family and I but our concepts are generally the same as Julie’s family.

My husband is slowly beginning to understand why having things in place will help us in case of an emergency.  We are slowly building our foundation.

Personally, I am in a transition mindset which is:

  • Moving from extremely good at quickly preparing to EFFICIENTLY preparing
    • There is a significant difference between the two
    • Plus, we all know how it goes when we have been doing something one way for far too long and have to switch over… it takes a little patience and a little grace

I think the big thing to remember, as Julie will second, is that we all move at different rates.  What’s good for her family, my family, and your family will be extremely different and thats A-okay!

This section will provide our different view points and how we navigated this crazy road called Preparedness!