Meet Julie

Hello, my name is Julie. I am from New Hampshire, a military wife and stay at home mom of 2 boys with a toy poodle named Kimchi.

We live in the Pacific northwest but we will be moving this transfer season to Florida.  I am just starting my journey of home schooling our 4 1/2 year old. We have been “zero wasting” for a couple of years now. Prepping for about 4 years, and yes we now fall into the “Prepper” category.

We live a toxic chemical free lifestyle as much as possible by using essential oils, home made products, cooking from scratch with organic food, gardening etc.  I love to sew and be crafty, garden, cook, site see, travel, decorate, try home remedies and make personal care products.

A glimpse of my journey:  I went to the New Hampshire Institute of Art and graduated with a bachelors degree in Fine Art focusing in ceramic sculpture. I was a substitute teacher for middle school, the cook and art counselor at a summer camp for visually impaired and blind children and of course a waitress here and there.  I became a teachers assistant for an advanced ESL classroom and dabbled in real estate by trying to flip houses. That turned out to be more of the buying and fixing part, not the actual flipping part, all a very educational part of my adult life.

I then went to South Korea to teach english to elementary and middle school aged children.  Being over there I was able to travel to many parts of South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Japan.

When I came back to the U.S. after just 2 years of being gone, it was quite an adjustment.  I thank God for my supportive and loving family. I ended up working for a family friend and neighbor contractor as a jack of all trades.  Then decided to become a dog groomer. Oh yeah, when I was in South Korea I reconnected with a high school friend via Facebook. To make a long story short we got married a few months later. After surviving a deployment and moving to my first actual military unit, we decided to have children. They are the best sculptures I have ever made BUT they seem to know just how far to push my buttons before my head goes spinning around with smoke coming out my ears.  I appreciate my mom so much more after being one myself.

Currently I have big dreams.  Christa and I have kept ourselves busy volunteering to educate our peers about the potential disasters in our area and how to prepare for them. We plan to continue doing so even when we are separated. (sniff sniff)

My big dreams are to someday own a self sufficient communal living compound with tiny homes made from recycled materials, gardens, chickens, homeschooling and ALL the things, so stay tuned.