Written by: Julie

We have just started our homeschool journey.  My oldest son is 4 1/2 years old and he is very open and ready to learn. I hope I can continue to capture his attention throughout our journey.  My husband and I chose to give homeschool a try for a number of reasons. (check out my future post to find out why…..)

I hope to help support other newbie homeschoolers with ideas and projects that have worked or NOT worked for us.  Also I want to journal through my ups and downs as a homeschooling mother.  Wish me luck!


photo: one of our projects using the theme from the book to make a thinking cap. Practicing cutting and glueing

Written by: Christa

My son, who is the eldest, is not homeschooled and, to be honest, probably never will be because I am the last person he wants to learn from.  He has been in a private school, charter school, and public school so far and each experience has brought something new to the table.

Our life requires a lot of moving so this is why he has had so many different experiences at such a young age.

My daughter might be more willing to cooperate with homeschooling so I guess that means it will come down to me (yikes).

We do a lot of stuff at home for extended learning plus I am a life-long student by choice so this encourages my littles! This is definitely an “as I do” not so much an “as I say” theme in our house.

Here I will share the extra things we do at home, what I am doing with my toddler, and what I use as an adult!