Everyday Life


Written by: Christa

Currently, my everyday life consists of SAHMoming, being a student, a wife, a volunteer, an independent contractor, an educator to these little minds, and every other XYZ that comes along.

Doesn’t that sound like most of us?

Most of the time I feel like a “Jack of all trades, Master of none” but somehow the four (five if we include our pup) are balancing it all out.

Here I will share with you my mom-fails (ugh, do they feel like all the time or is that just me?), our celebrations, our travels, and all of our creations along the way!

Written by: Julie

Everyday I stay busy SAHMoming, wifing and doing all the other stuff that goes a long with that.  Some how I always have a lot on my plate and there is not enough time in the day to get it all done.  I try to stick with a routine to keep my sanity, but it goes out the window most days. That may be due to these 2 little rug rats.

I plan to share with the world all the things we do to keep ourselves busy around here.

We know we are not alone with the mom fails and wins!  We would love to here your input and stories.