HOLD ON! Here Comes a New Lifestyle!

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About 5 years ago I started to learn about toxic chemicals in personal care products,  medication and household cleaning chemicals, effects of fluoride, contaminants in tap water, GMO’s, harmful hormones in meat and dairy products, preservatives in processed foods, pesticides and other toxic substances used for growing food, carcinogenic ingredients in vaccines and other scary things.  It seemed like everything I had ever known about modern living had some ugly secret.  I felt betrayed and wanted to blame my misinformation on someone.  It turns out that most of the people around me didn’t know much about any of this stuff either!


Around the same time we started to learn about all the potential natural disasters in the Pacific North West like the volcanos, wildfires, landslides, tsunamis and an overdue subduction earthquake.  SCREECH!!!!!!!……WHAT???  Oh, and I was about 6 months pregnant with my first child.  My life as I knew it was turning upside down.  This was also the same time as the trash mountain saga was going on in my apartment complex.  (Read more about that HERE)

about 7 months pregnant

It was difficult to think positively after finding out all this in a short amount of time; I’m sure being pregnant didn’t help either.  I had many meltdowns in the grocery store reading ingredients, spending countless hours researching and still left with nothing from the best grocery stores I had available.  I was completely over whelmed.  We decided to take small steps in changing our ways.  As we slowly ran out of individual things we would find a healthier option in every department of life.  It started with water, then milk and so on…… this is a never ending process, we still periodically find out something can be improved and have to make a change.

On a positive note, during these life changing experiences I found out about the medicinal properties of essential oils, DIY personal care products, organic food is not for rich people, cooking from scratch is fun and rewarding, how to prime water filters, keep a zero waste household, grow a container garden, compost, eat more vegetables, prepare for disasters and so much more.

Me having fun making doughnuts, wearing my mom’s hand made apron from the 70’s.


In no way could I write about the past 5 years of my life getting flipped upside-down in one blog post.  I am breaking it down into different categorizes to make things a bit lighter because some of these topics can get heavy.  I want to share my experience because this was a tough road for me to go down, and I’m sure I’m not alone.  Now that we are on the downhill side and not everything is a battle, I feel great about living this lifestyle and I would not go back.  Stay tuned…

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