The Beginning

Blame it on Dante’s Peak

Blame it on….

For those of you who are like, “Wait, does she mean the Pierce Brosnan movie about the volcano?”… the answer to that is yes, yes, I do.  (Full disclosure, I didn’t quite realize this until about 20 something years later.)

There are a couple of things I have learned through my years (yea, all 32 of them because I am sooo wise) and that is:

You either go actively seeking something you want/need


Something that you need/want actively seeks you

The latter is what a life/career/education toward Disaster Management has been for me.  I never had this AH-HA moment where I saw this impending danger like so many people do. I am not a “prepper“, in fact, I am nowhere near it.  However, I have lived a life full of preparing.

Let me explain.

See, I grew up on the thumb of Florida where preparing for a natural disaster was a seasonal occurrence.  Every May to November was marked with preparing for a tropical storm or hurricane.  This was completely and utterly normal for me and I have never been afraid (I owe this to my family).

We became professionals at quickly preparing for disasters which meant waiting until the last minute to see if this really was going to come our way, picking up a crap ton of water (“don’t forget to fill the bathtub” my mom would say), canned goods, boarding up, etc. We survived…

Growing up I knew some things about myself:

I knew I was meant to do something, I had absolutely no idea what it was, I really loved helping people, natural disasters fascinated me, I was a science nerd, and I really loved the human body and human experience.  (Umm what am I supposed to do with this?)

I just started crossing somethings off my list and decided to let the universe direct me where it may; so it did.  In a very indirect route might I add.

I realized that natural disasters, even every day emergencies, are not the normal thought processes like they are to me. It scares me a little because if you aren’t used to preparing for natural disasters, even everyday ones, then when something of a large magnitude happens it can paralyze you.

Fast forward to our move to the PNW

As I turned on Dante’s Peak, for the 100 millionth time, it struck me. I am in the same place, same mountain range referenced, doing parallel work to what this movie portrayed. Not exactly the same work because I am not a volcanologist, a volcano is not about to blow but we are preparing for a disaster that will affect us all and I am doing my best to spread the knowledge and prepare people for a large scale event.

People are incredibly resilient, as many of us have witnessed through the years and many events have shown us.  Community is a powerful thing and my goal is to create a space where we understand our potential for risk to help eliminate the fear that comes along with it.

Julie and I want to start the converstion, help people to understand that bad things happen to everyone and that we want to help lessen the shock accompanied with everyday emergencies and large scale events, we want you to know that you aren’t alone, and that with a little preparation some of your fear can be lifted.

Until Next Time,


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