Hi, I’m Christa (left) and I’m Julie (right), and we are the creators and editors behind 2 Lanterns if by Sea!

I believe Julie said it best, we created this blog in order to stay connected to one another through all of our lovely military moves.  In all honesty, we may never be in the same place together again. Super Sad!

Anyways, you may be wondering “why the name?”

Well you see…the excerpt from the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” really hit home for us for many different reasons. We will share just a few with you.

  • First, Our husbands serve in the same branch of the military (a sea bearing branch to be exact).
  • It is also a sweet way to signify us visiting one another; two lanterns will be lit for your arrival.
  • The poem can also be interpreted as a warning of things to come. I am finishing my degree in Public Health with a focus in Disaster Management and Julie could be deemed a “prepper” by some.

We hope that you will follow along with our journey, be a part of our community, find inspiration or camaraderie, travel, laugh, cry, experience life with us, and know that we are glad you decided to become a part of our life!